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U.S. Military Installations in Texas Economic Impact on the Texas Economy for 2019

U.S. Military Installations in Texas Economic Impact on the Texas Economy for 2019 The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts estimates that a compilation of the populations directly affiliated with U.S. military installations within Texas contributed at least $123.6 billion to the Texas economy in 2019. 1 Bases in Texas provided the data used in this analysis to the Texas Military Preparedness Commission (TMPC). Additional information was submitted directly to Comptroller staff at their request, as needed, for clarification. Working with the TMPC, the Comptroller’s office collected data from each of the state’s 14 U.S. military installations using a survey designed to ensure consistency in determining the total direct and indirect contribution of a base’s populations to state-level employment, gross domestic product, output and disposable personal income. 2 (Exhibit 1) Exhibit 1 Estimated Total Contribution of U.S. Military Installations in Texas to the Texas Economy, 2019 Total direct employment 226,555 Total employment (direct & indirect)3 633,892 Output4 $123,653,980,000 Gross domestic product5 $75,324,748,000 Disposable personal income6 $39,248,248,000 Source: Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) - model for Texas The Comptroller’s economic impact analysis represents a conservative estimate of the economic importance of U.S. military installations to Texas. Each installation’s distinctive characteristics contribute to the Texas economy in different ways. This analysis uses a consistent model to determine the economic impact of each of the state’s military installations to the state’s economic growth. 1 This study represents an analysis of the economic impact of the population and employees directly affiliated with U.S. military bases in Texas. This includes active duty, visiting, and other military personnel, dependents, civilian employees and contractors directly affiliated with the base – as reported in documents emailed to Alexandra Taylor, TMPC and additional clarification interviews. 2 Estimate inputs and assumptions include the following: (1) all data submitted is for 2019; (2) input includes fulltime, permanent employees and a full-time equivalent (FTE) for any part-time employees; (3) dependents are associated with installations in Texas; (4) all economic impact is within Texas. 3 “Total employment” refers to both direct and indirect employment. 4 “Output” refers to the total value of all goods and services (both final and intermediate) produced in Texas. 5 “Gross domestic product” refers to the total value of all final goods and services produced in Texas. 6 “Disposable personal income” refers to post-income-tax income.

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