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Fort Cavazos Region Veterans Inventory Initiative

       Data is collected via a voluntary digital ten-question survey administered during either the Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) workshop or installation final clearance.  The purpose for the collection and analysis of this data is threefold:

            1. Develop and retain the region’s skilled and motivated military Veteran workforce;

            2. Foster innovation and entrepreneurship; retain existing businesses, and attract new business to the region; and

            3. Align the efforts of the participating agencies to enhance options for current and future/potential residents.


       Retiring Soldiers may participate in TAP up to two years prior to their retirement date, while non-retiring Soldiers may participate up to one year in advance.  Effective November 2012, all Soldiers separating from the military are required to attend the TAP seminar and will provide the opportunity for more Soldiers to participate in the optional Veterans Inventory Initiative survey.

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